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The Team 

Here in our Canary Wharf office, we believe that communication is key to productive business and relationships. We prefer to work according to a flat, transparent operational environment in order to pool ideas, to foster ingenuity, to discuss solutions and to promote collaboration. 

Fancy joining our team?

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Saurabh Goyal.jpg

Saurabh Goyal

Founder & CEO

Talha Khan.jpg

Talha Khan

Chief Technology Officer

Seema Golekar.jpg

Seema Golekar

Senior Business Analyst


Bilal Hasan

CCO, Product lead


Laura Stoskute

Project Manager, Digital


Harshini Naidu

Legal Secretary


Teodora Marinova

Sales & Marketing, TradePhlo


Erman Orhan

Full Stack Developer


Vrishni Sivakumaran


LinkedIn Photo.jpg

William Ocran Jnr

ERP Implementation Manager


Alvina Maqsood

Sales & Marketing, TradePhlo

Jasmine Assan

ERP Implementation Associate

Our Advisors

Geoff Wynne.jpg

Geoff Wynne

Legal Advisor, Partner at Sullivan

Shalabh Goyal.jpg

Shalabh Goyal

Senior DevOps Advisor

Adi Ben-Ari.jpg

Adi Ben-Ari

Chief Technology Advisor

Gulraj Behl.GIF

Gulraj Behl

Director, Board Member


Dr Qinggang Meng

AI & ML Advisor, Loughborough University

Himanshu Joshi_edited.jpg

Captain Himanshu Joshi

Shipping & Logistics Advisor

Cristophe Bourges.jpg

Christophe Bourges

Senior Strategic Advisor


Pierre-Olivier Bordeaux

Commercial Advisor

Khai Vualnam.jpg

Khai Vualnam

Commodities Trading & SCM Advisor

Grace Wong.png

Grace Wong

GTM & Finance Specialist

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