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Phlo Systems Takes Center Stage at London's Global Trade Events

In a dynamic month filled with networking and industry immersion, we took centre stage at two prominent events, this November – Going Global Live and The Import Export Show.

These London-based exhibitions proved to be invaluable opportunities for us, enabling our team to connect with fellow business colleagues, network with industry peers, and, most importantly, showcase our revolutionary TradePhlo and OpsPhlo platforms.

Mark Ferguson, Head of Sales at Phlo said: “Going Global Live served as a nexus for businesses seeking to expand their global footprint. We seized the chance to engage with a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and decision-makers. Through these meaningful conversations and discussions, we fostered valuable new connections.

“The highlight of the event was the opportunity to meet business owners and senior executives actively involved in import/ export and international trading. This firsthand interaction allowed us to better understand the challenges they face and introduce our trading technology platform opsPhlo to them directly to help address these specific challenges.”

The Import Export Show enabled us to be at the forefront of international trade and supply chain technology transformation for our local and global customers. Having the ability to engage with business owners, understand their challenges, and showcase our highly modular cloud-based and AI-driven solutions, underscores Phlo Systems' commitment to transforming the landscape of global commerce and importantly making it easier and more efficient to trade.

Shivam Kumar, Marketing Director at Phlo Systems, said: “This event, dedicated to the import/ export and international trading communities, provided a focused platform for us to showcase the industry unique capabilities of our ChatGPT-powered Tradephlo solution for UK customs declarations.

“Visitors to our stand were treated to live demonstrations and in-depth presentations, highlighting how the platform can reduce costs and simplify complex customs declarations, and logistics and reduce risks and potential errors due to manual paper-based processes associated with cross-border transactions.”

Both events facilitated an environment where Phlo Systems could connect with like-minded professionals who share a passion for the need to digitalise global trade. These connections extend far beyond the confines of the exhibition halls, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and partnerships.

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