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Phlo Systems' tradePhlo is all set to transform the Customs Market with ChatGPT Function

Excited to know how ChatGPT can help you submit your customs declarations smoothly? Why not try it for yourself at MultiModal 2023?

Trade tech organisation Phlo Systems, a leading provider of customs declaration solutions, is excited to announce its attendance at this year's MultiModal exhibition at NEC Birmingham from 13th - 15th June, where it will showcase its groundbreaking ChatGPT function on tradePhlo.

The company's CEO, Saurabh Goyal, will be present at the event, demonstrating how this revolutionary technology is transforming the customs market and providing an unprecedented level of ease, flexibility, and speed for both new and existing customers via its TradePhlo platform.

The ChatGPT function, powered for customs declaration by TradePhlo, is all ready to revolutionising the way customs declarations are handled and will continue to transform an industry that is ripe for digitisation.

With its live chat feature, it allows TradePhlo users to interact with an intelligent virtual assistant, providing real-time guidance and support throughout the customs process.

Mr Goyal continues: “It’s a game-changer. The technology vastly streamlines operations, reduces errors, and significantly enhances efficiency for businesses involved in international trade.

“For too long customs declaration has been a slow, clumsy, and time-consuming process. With ChatGPT, we aim to empower businesses by providing them with an intuitive and efficient solution that simplifies the complexities of customs procedures."

During the exhibition, the TradePhlo team will be available to demonstrate and help visitors see the remarkable capabilities of its ChatGPT function.

Visitors will witness firsthand and try for themselves how this technology revolutionises customs declaration, enabling businesses to navigate the process with ease and agility.

Furthermore, the team will be showcasing the diverse features and benefits of ChatGPT, highlighting its ability to automate routine tasks, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance with changing regulations.

Mr Goyal concludes, "We look forward to meeting new contacts at Multimodal 2023 and demonstrating the immense value that ChatGPT offers. Our vision is to transform the customs market by providing businesses with a powerful tool that simplifies operations, increases productivity, and ensures seamless trade facilitation. With ChatGPT, customs declaration is no longer a burden but a competitive advantage."

Want to try this feature and witness the magic yourself?

We encourage all attendees and industry professionals to visit stand 4082 at Multimodal 2023 and experience the future of customs declaration. Witness how ChatGPT can drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enable businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of international trade.