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Ivory Coast Sustainable Cocoa Farming

Helping Smallholder Farmers reach their full potential

Although more than 25% of the world's arable land lies in Sub-Saharan Africa, it generates only 10% of the world's agricultural food supply. In order to realise its potential, the economic environment needs to be conducive to smallholder farmers, who make up 70% of the demographic and produce 80% of its agricultural commodities, as reported by the FAO. Smallholder output, however, is repeatedly obstructed by the lack of access to:

1. global markets; 2. market information; 3. finance options; 4. agronomic best practice advice. Such factors contribute to an inequitable, inefficient and untrustworthy global supply chain. Much to the detriment of farmers, their output is undervalued by intermediaries, while more conscious consumers have poor transparency on the provenance of their food and how it was produced.

Our Vision & Response

Phlo Systems is partnering with Ivorian cocoa cooperative, Scoopega Scoops, comprised of 1000+ farmers. Our innovative platform, powered by Blockchain and ML technology, will provide a much-needed, multi-pronged approach to the systemic issues that undervalue smallholder output and absorb their already fragile incomes. Our vision is to digitise their operations. In doing so, it will enable once isolated farmers to be integrated directly and actively into the global supply chain, which will increase their bargaining power and help them make informed economic and operational decisions for long-term sustainable growth. By adopting our intelligent technology, farmers will be able to make available their produce in a trusted online marketplace; select the best vendors; conduct secure transactions; choose the most beneficial finance options; and access real-time market information. Using data from on-field sensors will also offer insight into best practices and how to maximise crop yield while mitigating risks for insurance brokers and financiers.  Crucially, our digital, P2P platform promotes transparency between all actors, whilst guaranteeing the traceability of commodities from farm to table to ensure optimal food security for our growing consumer-conscious society. 

We are proud to be involved in a project that is not only focused on the economic development and welfare of Ivorian smallholder communities but is also advocating gender equality and women's involvement in agriculture. 

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Phlo Systems is committed to sustainable smallholder farming and promoting gender equality in agriculture.
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