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Svetoslav Hadzhiivanov

Senior Software Engineer

With extensive experience at Switzerland's top hedge funds, I've driven growth and success through developing market-making solutions, volatility monitoring tools, and robust hedging systems. This hands-on role provided deep insights into global financial markets. What sets me apart in FinTech is my expertise in performance profiling, optimizations, and scaling-out techniques. Collaborating with Microsoft's David Fowler has further amplified my abilities to deliver high-performing solutions. My constant motivation is to provide innovative and reliable financial solutions, remaining resilient, adaptable, and market-savvy. Coding is my passion, staying ahead with cutting-edge technologies like actor models for my grid trading bot. Balancing it all, I find solace in street fitness, maintaining mental agility. As a perfectionist, I strive for excellence, even if it means rejecting anything less than perfection.


Svetoslav Hadzhiivanov
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