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Phlo Systems is a cutting-edge tradeTech firm that specializes in providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to digitize and streamline international trading processes by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Unlock Trade Efficiency with Phlo Systems

Digitizing Domestic and International Trading. Making trade easy, fast, efficient, traceable, sustainable, and secure.

Our Value Proposition

Trade & Customs

Customs Compliance and Trade Documentation for international traders, customs brokers, freight forwarders and companies involved in cross border purchases or sales

Risk Management

Market, Counterparty, Credit, FX and Operations Risk Management for Commodity traders and futures brokers


End to End ERP System for medium sized commodity traders, manufacturers or multinational businesses

Auto Hedging

Automated hedging for large commodity traders, producers and procurers

AI/ML use cases

AI/ML (mostly OpenAI / ChatGPT) use cases for supply chain management

Trade Finance Management

End to End ERP system for non bank structured trade financers

Manage Your Trading Risks

Identify, Quantify and Manage your risks on physical commodity contracts, FX, Freight, futures, options, swaps and OTCs

Digitalize your trade

Manage all your trade documents, customs compliance and export/import declarations from a single system. Built on the latest WCO model, built for now and the future.

Autohedge your price exposures

Sophisticated hedging algorithms and state of the art exchange connectivity to hedge all your exposures in realtime with no slippage and lower costs

Core trading modules

  • Purchase

  • Sales

  • Inventory

  • Contract and Risk Management

  • Hedging via futures and options

  • Currency Hedging

  • Scheduling

  • Logistics

  • Delivery

  • Invoice

  • Settlements

Additional modules

  • Manufacturing

  • Expense Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Project Mangement

  • Field Sales and Service Mangement

  • CRM

  • Fixed Assets

  • Full Finance and Accounting

End to end ERP for all your business functions

You can start with a simple module/functionality knowing fully well that you can extend it to a full fledged ERP system at any point of time with no additional integration or implementation effort. Ours is the only developed from scratch full ERP solution designed for international commodity traders and finished goods trades.

Manage your trade finance operations

Manage all your trade finance operations such as KYC, Facilities, Loans, Repayments, Collateral Management, Underlying trade management, investor & borrower relationships, bond management

​AI/ML use cases

Our expertise in NLP and language models dates back to our inception. We have been actively involved in the prestigious openAI community as early contributors. We have seamlessly integrated ChatGPT into all our applications. Additionally, we continuously train our models using our proprietary internal database, enabling them to not only provide accurate responses to user queries but also generate valuable and actionable predictions.

We take pride in not only advancing our own AI systems but also supporting others in developing their own. Our expertise lies in leveraging large open language models (LLMs) and fine-tuning them with proprietary internal knowledge bases.

Proud Memberships

Phlo Systems is proud to be associated with a select group of prestigious industry organizations and associations. These affiliations reflect our commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of international trade technology.

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Phlo Systems proved invaluable in developing our advanced mobile app for managing procurement contracts with farmers and cooperatives in the US and Canada. Their exceptional knowledge of physical commodity markets and remarkable technical skills transformed our design into a fully functional application with impressive speed. We highly appreciate their expertise and efficiency in delivering outstanding results. 

Shengyu Zhang
SVP - Business Analytics, Reporting and System - INTL FCStone
Phlo Systems has emerged as our preferred technology partner for the development, maintenance, and enhancement of the HRVYST platform. The intricate process of autohedging demands expertise, and Phlo Systems, with their profound understanding of both physical and derivative markets, coupled with their ability to create sophisticated cloud-based applications, flawlessly executed the project. Their ownership of ERP and CTRM systems significantly expedited and streamlined the project. I wholeheartedly endorse them for any undertaking in the realms of commodity trading, risk management, or trade finance. 
Renée Laird 
Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Commercial Agriculture, OTC Markets, and Hrvyst at R.J. O'Brien

EAT (Easy Access Trading) operates on a distinctive trade finance model, collaborating with borrowers to effectively oversee their procurement, sales, production, and risk management processes. Our search for a comprehensive solution encompassing ERP, CTRM, and trade finance functionalities led us to the remarkable combination of opsPhlo+finPhlo offered by Phlo Systems. The team's exceptional agility and responsiveness in comprehending our needs and tailoring their platforms accordingly consistently astound us. Notably, they went the extra mile by providing a complete Portuguese version of their application to ensure seamless user adoption. We are thoroughly impressed by their dedication and commitment to delivering tailored solutions. 

Patrick Funaro
Managing Director at EAT

Since implementing opsPhlo, our container operations underwent a remarkable transformation. Within a span of just two years, and without the need for additional personnel, we witnessed a staggering surge from 50 to 8,000 containers handled annually. This significant boost in efficiency can be primarily credited to the seamless utilization of opsPhlo by our operations team, bolstered by the exceptional support provided by Phlo Systems. opsPhlo has proven itself to be a cutting-edge ERP solution, playing a pivotal role in our overarching goal of achieving a turnover of $1 billion. 

Mahesh Paliath
Head of Shipping at Torq Commodities

Brexit has disrupted the UK-EU trade opportunities for us. Our customers require us to be swift with zero tolerance for custom delays due to incorrect paperwork. tradePhlo is helping us achieve the operational excellence we are striving for.

Pravin Raj Sharma
Logistics Executive at Aerospheres UK Ltd

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