smart financing

The Phlo platform captures and simplifies the end to end trade finance process and helps to reduce transaction costs, save time and build trust for deal participants.

Why ?

Borrowers of all sizes will be able to upload the details of their deals and immediately gain access to a marketplace of lenders willing to finance them.

Lenders get access to a wider range of trade deals from validated members, resulting in greater revenue opportunities.

All deal participants benefit from the added security and trust that comes from using distributed ledger technology.


Blockchain technology provides users of the phlo platform with access real time and immutable supply chain tracking data including:

  • Tracking of goods
  • Letter of credit
  • Bill of lading etc.
Stakeholders will be rewarded for timely and accurate delivery of documentation.

Cost Reduction

Phlo will reduce operational costs through smart contract use and digital documentation.

Supply Chain Transparency

Blockchain technology provides all stakeholders with access to real time positioning of goods.

Deal Validation

All deals will be subject to a thorough risk analysis before being offered to members.


Saurabh Goyal

CEO & Co-Founder

Khai Vualnam

COO & Co-Founder

Adi Ben-Ari

Chief Technical Advisor

Sir Chris A. Pissarides

Non-Executive Director, Mentor

Andrew Witzenfeld

Head of Product

Diego Gurpegui

Lead Blockchain Developer

Salman Khan

Head of Development

Shuen Yee Hui

Research Analyst

Anna Maksimova

Investment Analyst

Alvina Maqsood

Marketing Manager

Geoff Wynne

Partner at Sullivan & Worcester

Joel S. Telpner

Partner at Sullivan & Worcester

Cristophe Bourges

Founder at Acrretio Capital Solutions