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Comprehensive ERP Solution for Global Trade

Streamline your trading operations with our end-to-end ERP system, designed for international commodity traders and manufacturers

Unlock Trade Management ERP with Phlo Systems

Streamlined Trade Management 

Managing trade operations can be complex, but our ERP system makes it efficient and straightforward. Designed specifically for medium-sized commodity traders, manufacturers, and multinational businesses, our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows. With a modular approach, you can start with core functionalities and expand to a full-fledged ERP system without additional integration efforts.

Modular Flexibility

Begin with essential modules and expand to a complete ERP system as your business grows.

End-to-End Management

Handle everything from purchasing and sales to inventory, logistics, and risk management in one unified system.

Seamless Integration

Easily sync with existing business systems for streamlined operations and improved data sharing.

Comprehensive Coverage

Manage all aspects of your business functions from a single platform.

Scalable Solution

Start with basic modules and scale up without needing extra integration.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Access advanced analytics and reporting for informed business decisions.

Cost Reduction

Optimize resource management to save time and reduce operational costs.

Key Benefits: Enhancing Efficiency, Compliance, and Cost Savings

Advanced ERP Capabilities for Commodity Trade Management

Streamlined Procurement and Sales

Enhance your trade business with efficient Purchase Management to streamline procurement processes and Sales Management to optimize sales operations.

Precise Inventory and Risk Management

Maintain precise inventory control across warehouses and effectively manage contracts and risks with our Inventory Management and Contract and Risk Management modules.

Comprehensive Hedging Solutions

Protect against market volatility with Hedging via Futures and Options, and manage currency exposure seamlessly with Currency Hedging.

Efficient Scheduling and Logistics

Coordinate schedules and logistics for smooth operations, and ensure timely delivery and settlement processes with our Scheduling, Logistics, Delivery, and Settlements modules.

Advanced Manufacturing and Expense Management

Integrate production processes with the Manufacturing module, and track and control expenses effectively with Expense Management.

Robust Project, CRM, and Financial Tools

Oversee projects with precision using Project Management, manage field operations efficiently, enhance customer relationships with CRM, and maintain comprehensive financial oversight with Full Finance and Accounting and Fixed Assets management.