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Custom Development Projects

Checkout the innovative custom development projects designed for digitizing international trade for global businesses. From the revolutionary cloud-based opsPhlo, an end-to-end ERP+CTRM solution, to our specialized software for commodities like Cocoa, Cotton, Coffee, Sugar, Grains, Palm, and Rubber, we provide tailored solutions that transform the efficiency and capability of physical commodity traders.

Our expertise extends to implementing and refining systems for algorithmic trading, risk management, global customs compliance, and much more, setting a new standard in the industry.

CTRM development projects

  • Refactoring old legacy CTRM system into

    • multi tenant, cloud deployed,

    • browser based,

    • inbuilt HA/DR, SaaS solution

  • Built from scratch for physical commodity traders

    • A powerful competition to legacy CTRM

    • opsPhlo the worlds first cloud based, multi-tenent, end-to-end ERP+CTRM solution

  • Develop and Implement Commodity trading software

    • (Physicals, Futures, Options, Currency and Repos) – for:

    • Cocoa, Cotton, Coffee, Sugar, Grains, Palm & Rubber business

  • Implementation of Grainsmart;:

    • Openlink's agri solution for Olam's Grain desk

  • Interfacing CTRM system with corporate financial SAP

  • for auto posting of all trade accounting entries

  • Select & implement necessary hardware, network and application infrastructure

  • To enable derivative traders to engage in Algorithmic Trading

  • Commodity financial services arm of Olam

    • Implementing Murex for Invenio

  • Middle/Back Office system - manage OTC desk at Olam

    • trade validation/confirmation/settlements

    • ISDA agreements, position recon, M2M & margin calls,

    • collateral management, payment processing etc

  • Implement TPT's Softmar for Olam's shipping desks

    • Taking care of all chartering and vessel operations

  • Developed a credible competition to Descartes and WiseCargo

    • tradePhlo

    • the world's first multilingual, multi-geography, global customs compliance system

  • Project Management (ADM Cocoa)

    • integrate Trading and Risk Management systems of a large acquired company

    • Largest acquisition in agri commodities history) with that of Olam's IT systems

Systems Development Projects

  • Enable price forecasting model based on supply & demand characteristics

    • Applying econometrics and advanced statistical analysis

    • such as PCA (Principal Component Analysis)

  • Replicated Murex functionalities in home-grown Matlab based solution

    • Successfully retiring Murex saving at-least $1Mil in annual recurring expense

  • Database used for back-testing of various macroeconomic commodity fund strategies:

    • Designed repository and intuitive front end for:

    • Cleaned and normalized data collected daily - sources include:

    • World Bank, USDA, CFTC, Industry associations etc.

  • Developed and implemented from scratch a fully automated currency hedging and treasury application

  • Conceptualized, developed and implemented a daily book value and PnL explained/attribution tool

  • Developed Sales & Operational Planning tool for Cocoa products global sales team

  • Designed systems and process flow for delivery against futures contracts to designated warehouses

  • Designed and implemented a straight through processing system for all EMIR reporting requirements

  • Refactored Hrvyst – a fully automated risk management and hedging SaaS for US grains industry

  • Built FIX interfaces with commodity exchanges to receive real-time trade fills and associated market data:

    • Trade messages fed to in-memory analytics engine to aggregate physical and derivative positions.

    • Enables intraday real time risk management (compared with earlier end of day reconciliation).

  • Implementation of a web based, home grown, global commodity trading &  risk reporting system for Market, Counterparty, Credit and Currency risks

Strategy Projects

  • Evaluation of options trading platform amongst vendors such as:

    • RTS, ORC, CQG, OptionsCity, Flextrade

    • and then implementing RTS, OptionsCity and ORC

  • Develop/ implement trade surveillance and reporting systems to satisfy Dodd-Frank directives

    • Coordinated with regulatory bodies such as

    • CFTC, internal treasury, traders and lawyers

  • Utilise Monte Carlo simulation to understand market, credit & counterparty risks on several of our portfolios

  • Using Matlab to verify pricing of various “exotic options” strategies

    • Such as accumulators, quantos, Asians and barriers

    • As booked in Murex

  • Evaluation of CTRM vendors such as:

    • TPT, Openlink, Allegro,

    • Eka,  JustCommodities,

    • TradePaq, Hivedome, Caja etc

  • Risk management and real time options trading

    • Using advanced financial computing techniques such as:

    • Parallel processing and GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) computing

  • Development and implementation of the repo

    • (repurchase contracts with banks for commodity financing)

    • Extending it to serve as a physical stock management tool and

    • Facilitating EWR (Electronic Warehousing Receipt or Warrants) management

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