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Customer Success Case Study

Today we are here to share a story of a UK-based Commodity Trading Company with global operations. Within 5 years, the team grew from 10 to 400 people and across 10 countries.

You might be impressed by the rapid growth. You are right, but it comes with a significant increase in operations, responsibilities related to finance, trade operations, logistics, procurement, and sales. It was necessary to update records and inventory details on a day-to-day basis, to create new invoices for every purchase and sale, work with contracts for various transactions, and more.

Sounds hectic? Yes, it was. The company had to have their resources work on these things for around 16-17 hours daily until they came to know about MINERVA!

The company is now able to scale up more speedily and have its resources work on more prioritized matters while MINERVA takes care of the receipts, invoices and tracks deliverables within minutes.

We at Satoshi Systems cannot wait to support many more organizations and companies in their growth journey by making their work easy and helping them scale up their performance!

Want to read the complete case study of this company?

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