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Satoshi Systems is one of only 13 fintechs selected to join Lord Mayor of London on his China visit

Satoshi Systems is one of only 13 innovative fintech companies to be selected by the Lord Mayor of London, Peter Estlin, to accompany him on his visit to China this month. The six-day visit seeks to promote links between China and the UK in fintech, championing digital innovation and technology, which are integral to the vision of the Lord Mayor’s ‘Shaping Tomorrow’s City Today’ program. Satoshi Systems founder, Saurabh Goyal, will travel alongside the Lord Mayor as he meets with members of the Chinese government and business leaders in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. In each of these three cities, a fintech forum has been organised with political and industry participants, which will provide the opportunity for Satoshi Systems and other members of the delegation to pitch to potential investors. Satoshi Systems is already making inroads in the Chinese market; the team is currently developing a carbon emissions trading system to combat air-pollution in China, having successfully won a grant from the Newton Fund, in association with Innovate UK.

Here at Satoshi Systems, we are honoured to have been regarded as one of the most innovative fintech companies in the UK by the Lord Mayor. As a startup business, to be given a place in the delegation amongst only 13 other businesses, including industry giants, such as HSBC, KPMG and PWC, is an accolade. We are speedily gaining both traction and recognition in the sector, and the future looks bright for our global outreach. Whilst the China visit comes at a time of uncertainty, with the UK in the thick of Brexit proceedings, it demonstrates that business will continue as usual, in spite of it. As Lord Mayor Estlin said, “We’ve seen record levels of foreign direct investment and venture capital coming into the UK because of the vibrant nature of the innovative economy that’s developing here. And China has been one of the biggest investors in the UK.” Fintech businesses, like Satoshi Systems, are poised to generate new income streams and international partnerships that will weather the Brexit storm, offering light and prosperity to the UK.

The Satoshi team is committed to digitising the future of commodities, with a vision to make commodity trade, finance and management faster, smarter and cheaper, via the leveraging of emerging technologies. This will open-up the playing field to SMEs, enabling them to profit, prosper and unlock their true potential. Follow us on our journey as we bring positive, responsible and sustainable changes to commodity trade.

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