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Torq Commodities Adopts Satoshi Systems’ Minerva (CTRM) Platform to Digitalise Their Trading and Bus

Implementation of Minerva will digitalise TORQ’s business processes and increase operations efficiency through various existing and custom built modules.

Satoshi Systems to Implement Minerva CTRM for Torq Commodities

"The system does everything our company needs, plus there are additional cutting edge features which allows our team around the world to be connected.” — Thomas Onyeador, Senior Commodity Trader, Torq Commodities

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.comTorq Commodities is an international commodity trading company with presence in Asia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan African countries, trading agri commodities, energy, minerals and metals.  It is our pleasure to announce that Satoshi has been selected by Torq Commodities as its CTRM+ERP provider. Satoshi would like to thank Torq Commodities for their trust in CTRM Minerva.

“We chose Satoshi because the system is intuitive, well thought out and extremely well tested,” said Thomas Onyeador, Senior Commodity Trader, Torq Commodities. “After the first presentation we could tell the team’s years of experience in CTRM shone through. The system does everything our company needs and more, plus there are additional cutting edge features which allows our team around the world to be connected and in full control of our risk anytime, anywhere.”

Saurabh Goyal, Founder and CEO, Satoshi Systems, added that “Minerva is a complete CTRM+ERP solution designed specifically for mid and small segment physical commodity traders and developed on the award winning Acumatica xRP platform. This allows our user not just core functionalities such as Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Trade Finance and Risk Management but also seamless access to other corporate functionalities such as Accounting, CRM, Field Service, Project Management, and more.”

“We are pleased to see our partnership with Satoshi Systems starting to bear fruit so quickly,” said Christian Lindberg, VP of Partner Development for Acumatica. “We are excited to help Satoshi Systems develop and grow Minerva on our xRP platform, and believe that Minerva has all the potential to become the global CTRM+ERP systems provider to the $4.5Trillion International Commodity Trading Industry.”

ABOUT SATOSHI: Satoshi Systems work with emerging technologies such as Cloud, DLT, AI and IoT to digitize the physical commodity supply chain management. Our systems promote sustainability, improve efficiencies, increase transparency and facilitate trade finance particularly for the SMEs in the physical commodity trading industry.

Saurabh Goyal (CEO) Satoshi Systems Limited +44 7957 165001

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