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Revolutionising Customs Declarations: Emmanuel Tetteh Joins TradePhlo to Spearhead Sales

Emmanuel Tetteh has been appointed as Head of Sales for the trade-tech platform TradePhlo, a division of Phlo Systems Ltd.

A former sales manager in the logistics industry, Emmanuel wanted a fresh challenge and to work with a growing company at the forefront of an emerging sector ripe for digitalisation.

His role will entail working with new clients on customs declaration demos and managing the overall sales process alongside his team of experts. Emmanuel is well versed in customs and trade declarations having helped numerous companies track goods across different country borders.

He comments: “The customs sector has been stuck in the slow lane for too long when it comes to the technology deployed and its ease of use. For too long it has lagged behind other industries and so to join a company that is spearheading disruption, growth, and flexibility is exciting.

“Through tradePhlo, we’re merging collaborative tech with digital transformation to make the process of customs declarations simple and effortless - something we haven’t seen before. Archaic and slightly altered systems have remained in place since before Brexit and now it’s time for a brand new era.”

Saurabh Goyal, CEO of Phlo Systems Ltd comments: “We have witnessed the number of exports fluctuate from year to year because of a number of issues. Namely macro political and economic factors outside of our control, as well as the current declaration systems in place which are often lengthy and complex. We want to change the latter for the better and with Emmanuel leading our sales, we know we’ll be in a stronger position to help more organisations transform their declaration processes.”

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