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Satoshi Systems featured in CTRMCenter!

Gary Vasey from Commodity Technology Advisory wrote an article "ERP + CTRM in the Cloud - That's What Satoshi Systems is Rolling Out!", which is based on our newly developed software platform Minerva.

Satoshi’s vision is for me, potentially unique. It set out to develop a fully functional ERP+CTRM solution in the cloud specifically targeted at small and medium enterprises in commodities.

The solution as I saw it in the demonstration is well designed with an attractive, modern looking, configurable user interface including dashboards. It has all of the functionality at a high-level expected of an ERP such as BOM, Receivables, Purchases, Payables, Finance, Banking, Projects, Inventory and so on, as well as a CTRM section that supports physical and financial commodities. This is all cloud native and accessed via a web browser and available multi-tenanted. Functionally, it seems to cover pretty much everything I would expect and to be a functional solution. It also includes all the features that users have come to appreciate like online document management, workflow, approvals, dump to Excel etc.

Read the full blog here:

About the Author: Dr. Vasey is an industry expert noted for his analysis, consulting, marketing, and branding skills. With over 35-years’ experience in the energy and commodities trading industry, Gary has experienced the industry’s volatility as an executive of a trading firm, geologist, consultant, software developer, analyst, and marketing practitioner, providing him with unique insights, not just into the entire value chain, but also into how to position, brand, and deliver products and services to the industry. He is a noted expert on the commodity trading, transaction and risk management software industry and an accomplished industry analyst and thought leader.

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