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Satoshi Systems launched MINERVA© and partnered with Acumatica!

Satoshi Systems has launched MINERVA©, a Cloud-based complete business management solution for the physical commodity trading Industry!

We have partnered with leading cloud technology provider Acumatica, to deliver MINERVA© which supports traditional back-, middle- and front-office functionalities.

MINERVA© is the result of the rich and deep commodity industry experience of the founders of Satoshi Systems, and the non-stop development work and investment put in by their entire team. - Jon Roskill, Acumatica’s CEO

Our CEO and co-founder Saurabh Goyal believes that Acumatica’s xRP platform will further allows us to extend MINERVA© to an open marketplace platform comprising of customer portals, supply chain participants integration and trade finance providers.

Khai Vualnam, our COO and co-founder, announced that customers will be able to streamline their business intelligence and financial management needs with MINERVA©, utilising pricing, risk management, supply-chain management, financial control, and reporting functionalities within one solution.

MINERVA’s© many best-in-class features coupled with the Acumatica technology and gold standard cloud-based ERP will ensure that MINERVA© becomes the go-to product for all commodity industry participants. - Christian Lindberg, Acumatica’s VP Partner Solutions

Read full post by Acumatica here.

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