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Unlock Financial Benefits and Boost Your Income with tradePhlo's FREE Customs Declarations Course"

In today's rapidly evolving world, many individuals are searching for opportunities to increase their income or find flexible work arrangements that fit in with their lifestyles.

This month, the online customs declaration platform TradePhlo [“tradePhlo”] has just launched a new course via Udemy that can help individuals to do just that.

tradePhlo’s course in Customs Declarations is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the world of customs regulations and procedures. With the successful completion of the course, students can then expect to be employed by tradePhlo to complete customs declarations for its clients.

tradephlo customs management helps SMEs take import and declarations in-house, making it easier, faster, and cheaper, whilst giving them complete control and real-time visibility into customs operations. The company’s trained agents manage declarations, ensuring goods move smoothly across borders.

Saurabh Goyal, CEO of tradePhlo, says: “The unique thing about our course is that we don’t just provide a theoretical understanding of the customs market, but access to our cutting edge platform so that students have practical experience of doing declarations in real-time."

This course can provide a unique opportunity for individuals to supplement their income by offering their services as customs declarants to businesses and individuals internationally. The flexibility of this work can be particularly attractive to those seeking additional income streams that can fit around their existing commitments.

The course is designed to be accessible to anyone with an interest in customs declarations, regardless of their prior experience or educational background. The curriculum is delivered through a series of video lectures and interactive exercises, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

We're excited to offer this course to anyone who wants to gain a valuable skill and potentially make some extra money and believe that the flexibility and income potential of customs declaration work will make this course an attractive option for many individuals.

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