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Phlo Systems Brochure

Phlo Systems - Products Brochure

Know how Phlo Systems is digitalising global supply chain operations with opsPhlo, tradePhlo & finPhlo

Customer Success Story - Food Processing Industry

A leading cocoa food processing organization, underwent a transformative journey with opsPhlo, revolutionizing their contract and inventory management. OpsPhlo simplified contract creation, allowing the swift generation of multi-currency, multi-product contracts with added clauses. Master data storage facilitated quick access to counterparties, payment terms, and shipping details. Seamless integration enabled the effortless creation of purchase and sales orders directly from contracts, streamlining the entire process. Additionally, opsPhlo enhanced inventory management, consolidating data across departments for improved visibility and planning.

How the next wave of trade tech transforming trade and trade finance

Watch our webinar on OpsPhlo: Digitizing the International Supply Chain. Explore how OpsPhlo, at the forefront of the next wave of trade technology, is transforming trade and trade finance. Gain insights into cutting-edge solutions that streamline and digitize the complex processes of international trade, enhancing efficiency and reducing risks.

Customer Success Story - Multi-Commodity Trader

Discover how opsPhlo revolutionized a UK-based SME multi-commodity trader's operations, expanding from 10 to 400 people in 5 years across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. With features like daily inventory valuation, contract creation, and automated invoicing, the company achieved a unified platform for functions, eliminating spreadsheets, reducing human errors, and saving substantial time and costs.

Customer Success Story - CTRM with ERP Implementation

A successful multi-commodity trader spanning the UK, Asia, and Africa, experienced exponential growth, evolving from 10 to 145 employees globally in just 5 years. opsPhlo's cloud-based solution revolutionized its operations, integrating CTRM with ERP, streamlining finance, trade operations, and logistics. The implementation, completed within 4 months, addressed challenges of information lag, duplication, and human errors, enabling real-time commodity flow, contract management, and financial reporting. With opsPhlo, they slashed contract creation time, improved inventory efficiency, and enhanced financial tracking, resulting in increased operational efficiency and minimized risks.
Operational Processes Across UK Ports

Operational Processes Across UK Ports

Understanding operational processes at UK ports is crucial for efficiency. Inventory-linked and non-inventory-linked ports have specific procedures, with HMRC-approved electronic inventory control systems being mandatory for temporary storage.
Digitalising Global Supply Chains

Digitalising Global Supply Chains

Streamline international trade with tradePhlo's comprehensive solution
E-commerce – C Jaslyn Enterprise Ltd

E-commerce – C Jaslyn Enterprise Ltd

Jaslyn Enterprise is a UK-based e-commerce business with 5000+ products and over 40 categories.
UK-EU Customs Processes

UK-EU Customs Processes

Evolving UK-EU customs processes, including full customs controls by the EU in 2021 and phased border controls for goods imports by the UK Government. The Government's draft Border Target Operating Model plans a risk-based SPS-check model and Safety and Security declarations for EU imports by 2024.
Antique art  – C MacConnal Mason

Antique art – C MacConnal Mason

With over 120 years of experience, MacConnal-Mason is a family-owned art dealership that specializes in the sale and movement of art pieces between countries.
Export Declaration Process for Certain Border Locations

Export Declaration Process for Certain Border Locations

When exporting goods from specific locations, submitting your export declaration as 'arrived' before the goods start their journey is a critical step in the customs process. This digital submission serves as a presentation of the goods to customs and must be completed before departure to the border location.
Logistics – C EstoLink Parcelpoint

Logistics – C EstoLink Parcelpoint

EstoLink is a logistics company that imports and exports a wide variety of goods. The company was using a customs agent to handle their customs clearance documentation.

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[Webinar] Unlocking Warehousing, Processing and Admission in UK-EU Customs

Whether you're looking to understand how Bonded Warehousing can benefit your supply chain, or you're interested in the specifics of Temporary Admission, this session is designed to clarify complex customs processes and enhance your operational efficiency.
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